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We know that LGBTQ candidates will not just fall into our laps. Yet, you have been tasked to hire more diverse candidates and make your organization more inclusive. Everyone says they can provide more diverse candidates but are they delivering? Let us show how we can help you meet your diversity hiring and inclusion goals.

According to a Monster survey, 56% of respondents think companies should be doing more to recruit and hire from the LGBTQ community. Additionally, nearly 20% believe their current employer has a negative attitude toward LGBTQ hiring.

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  • We generate visitors to our site and your jobs through SEO, media/blog partnerships, sponsored events, and social media.
  • We have the largest database of LGBTQ candidates in the US. (66,000+ and growing daily!)
  • We promote your job to our candidate database via email, SMS, and retargeting ads on social media.
  • Many of our recruiters and executives identify as LGBTQ. Their first-hand experience of challenges in a non-inclusive workplace uniquely qualifies them to be candidate advocates.
  • We can provide you with customized DE&I Analytics reporting.

For LGBTQ Candidates

  • It’s essential to recognize which companies genuinely advocate for LGBTQ rights, especially if you identify as LGBTQ and want to work for a company that will welcome and support you.
  • Despite the progress over the past few years made by companies to provide for a more inclusive work environment, data from Glassdoor shows that LGBTQ individuals still face significant discrimination in the workplace.
  • In a survey by The Harris Poll, more than half (53 percent) of LGBTQ employees reported that they have experienced or witnessed anti-LGBTQ comments by co-workers.

Join over 65,000 LGBTQ Professionals​

We partner exclusively with companies that prioritize inclusivity in the workplace and can demonstrate policies, such as educational training programs and resources on inclusivity, having an inclusion counsel, providing safe spaces for employees, gender-inclusive benefits, and other DE&I strategic initiatives.

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